Get to know me.
What is my favourite…?

    • What is your favourite kind of food?
      Paul: I love sushi and Italian food.
    • What do you drink most?
      Paul: Water, but a cold Corona on a hot day is awesome.
    • What’s in your bottle when you train?
      Paul: Mostly water, sometimes sports drink when I do intervals.
    • What is / are your favourite stop(s) during 6hrs training?
      Paul: After half of the ride I do a coffee stop (sometimes with cake) , or a Cola and Snickers at a gas station.
    • What kind of music do you listen?
      Paul: All kinds, but mostly house or rock.
    • Do you have a hero?
      Paul: I don’t have a specific hero, because you don’t really ‘know’ famous people. I do admire some athletes for certain things, like Roger Federer for staying cool no matter what.
    • What inspires you to keep doing such hard work, especially in winter times?
      Paul: I love doing sports, pushing my body. For me, the ‘road to’ is the most important. Getting into shape. So wintertraining isn’t hard for me at all.
    • What is your favourite holiday destination?
      Paul: I love paradise spots, loneliness and nature. There is a beach on Langkawi I can recommend.
    • How does a relaxed rest day look for you?
      Paul: Doing a coffee-ride with a bunch of guys and the rest of the day relaxing outside in the garden, watching my daughter and son play.
    • What do you find the hardest part of being a Pro cyclist?
      Paul: The risks you have to take in races.
    • What’s the best part?
      Paul: I love travelling and being outside.
    • What advice would you give young cyclists with the dream to become a Pro?
      Paul: Try to figure out what you are good at and focus on that. And try to have fun, especially in training.
    • What is your favourite training location?
      Paul: I really love the “Schwarzwald”(near Freiburg ) in summer.
    • What is your most beautiful victory or achievement?
      Paul: My victory in GP Wallonie 2010 was special for me. I came back after a hard crash, where i couldn’t work out for 2months.
  • If a ‘hobby’ cyclist can train 3 times a week and wants to become better, how would you recommend him / her to fill in the training?
    Paul: It’s all about diversity, your body needs to be ‘teased’. (1) I would do a normal ride with 6 sprints (10sec with 10min break). (2) One day power interval on a climb, like 5x6min 60 cadence. This is also possible on the tacx, if the weather is bad. (3) Third training should contain 3x 5-10min easy interval on the flat, high cadence… And if you can find the time for it: do core-stability exercises, that’s really important!

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